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Digital Photography Advantages

7 facts to buy a digital camera

1. One of the advantage of digital photography is to be able to the see the photo on the LCD screen on the back of the camera as soon as a snap is taken.

2. digital photographs are extremely adaptable. You can email them to friends and family, put them on a web site, burn them to CD or DVD, store them on your computer, and use them for slide shows which can be viewed on your TV or computer monitor.

3. Image editing software allows you to alter digital images in any way that you can think of. They can be cropped, the colours can be changed or enhanced, the contrast can be adjusted, imperfections can be removed

4. Compact and Light These all-in-one cameras are compact and light, an important consideration when you're in a game-drive vehicle, often with limited space.

5. No film and processing costs On a wildlife safari, you should not have to worry about how much film you use. Yet many of us tend to hold back, not wanting to "waste" pictures because of the cost.

6. instead of using film the digital cameras store your pics in a memory card that can hold thousands of high quality pictures depending on the storage capacity of the memory card

7. No Wastage with Digital With a digital camera, there is no "wastage" - simply delete what you don't want to keep.

Get started immortalizing your life's best moments now

Before owning a digital camera I would take pictures of my son never knowing if I had actually caught the shot that I wanted. After getting my pictures developed about half of them would end up in the garbage. With a digital camera you can check to make sure that you actually have a decent picture before putting the camera away. You can also delete all those pictures that did not turn out and only print the ones that you want.
There are a variety of software options available and most cameras come with some type of software. You can use the software to en-big your picture, eliminate red-eye, or cut out part of the picture that you don't want. More advance software options let you to create panoramic scenes, add borders and text, and other fun stuff.
With so many on-line printing sites you can upload your photos, buy them, and have them mailed to your home. There are also a number of printers that can produce photo-quality pictures. Just make sure that you use photo paper if you are printing your own pictures.
If you don't already own a digital camera now is the time to buy one. Prices have decreased dramatically and you can get a decent digital camera for less than $200.

go digital

Digital is certainly the wave in the snapshot crowd and has made serious inroads into wedding, portrait, and commercial photography, Digital let you instantly view the result and computer manipulation.
There is something genuine and spontaneous about the use of film, filters and lighting that creates a different art form expression, but It requires a greater knowledge of the function of light and equipment than digital, because you have to capture the moment without the benefits of computer manipulation.
So you have nothing to lose when you give it a try today.

owner testimonial

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Perfect for baby/toddler pictures, May 15, 2007 By J&A -
This is our third digital camera since we had a baby, but it is the first one that lets us to take nearly perfect pictures of our son (15 months old). The reason is simple: a very small shutter lag. All digital cameras (except the very expensive SRL ones) have a noticeable shutter lag (the time it takes from pressing the button to actually taking a picture). Our previous Minolta and Pentax were wonderful for still/nature pictures, but their 1+ sec shutter lag made it impossible to take pictures of a moving baby or to capture a nice smile. Now, this Sony has a shutter lag that is almost inexistent (without flash), and we can finally capture nice pictures of our son. We don't care about MP, but the 7.2MP is also a plus. The camera is also very fast to turn on, taking about 1+ sec, a very important feature for capturing those special moments. Overall, an excellent camera for our main purpose: to take family pictures.
Pros: very short shutter lag, fast turn on/off, good picture quality, easy to use intuitive interface, easy to carry, very high resolution, good bang for the bucks.
Cons: uses memory sticks (pricier than SD cards), proprietary (and more expensive to replace) cables, very noisy in very low light conditions.
Bottom line: wonderful for family pictures.
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